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Ramboll is the chosen consultant for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in connection with the expansion of the port of Nuuk. The EIA assessment will be the first of its kind in Greenland not related to natural resources, as the legislation in the area is new. This makes the study unique because it will form a precedent for future assessments. Construction cost will be in the order of 65 mEUR.

A 40,000 m2 extension

The expansion will be established on islands off the existing harbour. A container port will be built with a quay length of 320 meters and connected hinterland area of 40,000 m2, which will reduce pressure on the existing harbour. The expansion will mainly be targeted towards container ships, but will also accommodate cruise ships, trawlers and offshore projects.

The expansion of the harbour will require new roads or an upgrade of existing roads. A large part of the commercial traffic in Nuuk will be transferred to other roads and therefore the changed traffic conditions including accessibility, waiting time, accident frequency, noise and emissions will be an essential element in the EIA report.

Protecting the local environment

In order to expand the harbour it will be necessary to blast 300,000 m3 mountain rocks both below and above water level. As Nuuk is located at the entry of Godthåbsfjorden, the noise from the blasting may affect marine mammals and other wildlife in and around the fjord. Part of Ramboll's task will be to investigate this by developing a noise dispersion model. Furthermore, Ramboll will do sediment sampling in order to determine the contamination levels, and a subsequent pollution dispersion model will be made. The analyses will also describe and evaluate all other potential environmental impacts.

The port will result in better and cheaper transport of goods in Greenland.

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