Preparing the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia


Jean-Marc Mirailles

Jean-Marc Mirailles

Senior Urban Transport Consultant
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Current transport situation in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is an agglomeration which suffers from traffic congestion on major arterial roads during morning and evening peak hours, as well as air and noise pollution. The increased usage of private cars is also impacting the pedestrian infrastructure, as vehicles frequently occupy footpaths. The number of road crashes and fatalities is also a problematic area and rather few improvements have been achieved in recent years. 

In terms of Public Transport, despite some assets such as a underground metro infrastructure, Tbilisi largely lacks segregated bus ways, and thus operational speeds and customer amenity are hindered by slow bus speeds. In general the level of service in Public Transport can be greatly improved. 

Preparation of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP)

This study is intended to prepare a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for the Tbilisi metropolitan area. The SUMP will build on the Tbilisi Sustainable Urban Transport (SUT) Strategy and other previous studies, assess diverse development scenarios, define investment priorities and provide a clear roadmap for implementation. The SUMP aims at the creation of effective and inclusive transport system ensuring equal accessibility and sustainable mobility to and within the city. The planning principles are based on SUMP EU guidelines and modern planning approaches:

  • Ensuring affordable, safe and sustainable mobility and equal access to urban opportunities for all
  • Creation of integrated transport system with well-defined and balanced hierarchy between the modes
  • Ensuring integration between different sectors and different levels of decision-making
  • Ensuring participation and involvement of all stakeholders throughout the process of SUMP development and implementation
  • Ensuring that the plan is implementable by assessing the financial, human and technical capacity of the City
  • Setting clear framework for monitoring and evaluation of plan implementation

Services provided

The following services are being provided:

  • Provide a long-term vision and objectives for urban development in Tbilisi;
  • Develop a multimodal transportation model for the metropolitan area;
  • Formulate alternative urban development and investment scenarios, and assess their contributions to the achievement of the objectives under the city’s vision;
  • Identify feasible and cost-effective short, medium and long term actions, and provide a clear implementation plan including timelines, and financial, institutional and policy development needs;

In addition to the preparation of the SUMP, Ramboll will provide training to Tbilisi City personnel in order to develop the city’s capacity for urban transport planning and implementation and later updating of the SUMP.

In line with the objectives and overall scope of the study, the following tasks will be delivered:

  • Task 1: SUMP Work Plan
  • Task 2: Preliminary Assessment
  • Task 3: Analysis of Mobility Situation and Development of Scenarios, Vision and Objectives
  • Task 4: Preparation of SUMP Action Plan
  • Task 5: Stakeholder and Citizen Consultations
  • Task 6: Capacity Building


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