Protecting Sweden's nature – national strategy on sustainable land use


Tiina Henning Wedemeier

Tiina Henning Wedemeier

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The Swedish government wishes to learn from other European countries how to prepare its national strategy for sustainable land use. An international survey on environmental concerns within IUCN's protected nature areas in Germany, the UK, Finland and the Netherlands is therefore launched and will serve as a basis for the implementation of Sweden's environmental objectives.

On 1 July 2010 the Swedish Government decided to establish a parliamentary committee whose task is to submit proposals to the government on how Sweden's environmental quality objectives and the `generational goal´ is to be reached.

The Committee has been named the Environmental Advisory Council, composed of members from the seven parliamentary parties, as well as other experts appointed by the government.

Developing a proposal

The Swedish government has given the Environmental Advisory Council the task of developing a proposal for a strategy to achieve parts of the 'generational goal' and the environmental quality objectives related to a sustainable land management from a holistic perspective.

The purpose of this international outlook is to draw on lessons learnt in other countries as a support for the Environmental Advisory Council's work on a strategy for sustainable land use in Sweden.

Ramboll's role

Ramboll's role is to conduct the survey and compile a narrative report where the selected countries are presented in comparison with Sweden.

Ramboll’s solid reputation and extensive European network in the field of environment was key to obtaining this contract.
The project is implemented as a cooperation between Ramboll Sweden and Ramboll Management Consulting.

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