Ramboll develops digital CO2 calculator to help companies reduce emissions


Robin Schlenga

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Henning Werner

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The European Innovation Council (EIC) has launched the "Greenhouse Gas Programme" in light of the advancing climate change and the expected severe consequences for people and the environment. The EIC programme supports small and medium sized European companies in reducing and offsetting their emissions.

A CO2 calculator for sustainable change 

As greenhouse gases (GHG) are a major contributor to global warming, Ramboll developed an easy-to-use CO2 calculator, labelled EIC GHG Tool. Used by EIC beneficiaries, this is now the outset for assessing and developing the most efficient solutions for reducing emissions and for evaluating the extent to which a company's strategy is compatible with EU targets.

"We firmly believe that digital plays a key role in addressing climate change. This can come in many forms; in this case an innovative tech tool that improves transparency, ease of use and makes the right actions very tangible. I think this is critical as too much complexity can lead to inaction. And we need to act now," says Robin Schlenga, who heads Ramboll Management Consulting’s digital team in Germany.

How the CO2 calculator works 

Participants in the EIC programme can use the digital tool to simulate their GHG emissions to the maximum extent possible. The CO2 calculator shows how much greenhouse gases are emitted by companies on an annual basis. Included, for example, are emissions from heating buildings, exhaust gases generated by vehicle fuel consumption or indirect emissions.

Once the carbon footprint for a base year has been assessed, the tool suggests a selection of typical mitigation actions for the company's activities. It is then possible to select the preferred measures and commit to a certain level of ambition for the implementation of each measure in the coming years. Based on these results and the selection of measures, companies can consider innovative products or submit proposals that can help reduce emissions for each category.

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