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The use of water as a source of energy is widespread, and around 20 per cent of the world’s electricity comes from hydro power. In Sweden, it has played a key role in the country’s energy system since the beginning of the last century.

Midskog Hydro Power Plant is located in Indalsälven, one of Sweden’s longest rivers. A total of 26 hydro power plants are placed along its course, making it the third most power producing river of Sweden.

Midskog Hydro Power Plant has an installed effect of 150 MW and an annual power production of 725 GWh, corresponding to the power production of 145,000 households. The plant is owned and operated by Vattenfall, which owns and operates more than 100 hydro power plants, the majority of which in Sweden.

The plant, which was commissioned in 1944, is now being retrofitted with a new turbine and generator and the installation of a new control system. Ramboll is assisting Vattenfall in this retrofit as project manager and technical advisor.

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