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In 2000 the European Union launched the Single European Sky initiative in order to establish a more efficient airspace management in Europe. The aim was to reduce flying distances, reduce waiting time for passengers and to reduce CO2 emissions. The aims will be achieved through the merger of the national air traffic control centres into larger centres across national borders. This will result in so-called Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs). 

Ramboll contributed to the development of such FABs in the Nordic and Baltic countries and has carried out several feasibility studies, cost benefit studies and socio-economic studies for the political and operational decision making.

The first achievement is the establishment of the Danish-Swedish FAB, which will be operational in 2012.  An additional FAB is being planned to include Norway, Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

The development of the Danish-Swedish FAB has been awarded one of the ten best TEN-T funded projects out of 400 projects.

Ramboll provided in-depth and advanced
• feasibility studies;
• cost-benefit studies;
• socio-economic studies;
• Report and presentations for technical and political decision making.

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