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50 suggestions for how regulation and procedures in the “Folkeskole” (the Danish municipal primary and lower secondary school system) may be simplified. This is the result of a study conducted by Ramboll. A large number of people working in the Danish school system were surveyed, such as teachers, secretaries, head teachers, directors of education etc.

Reducing bureaucratic burdens

The Ministry of Education assigned the study to Ramboll as part of a plan by the Danish government to debureaucratise the public sector. For the school sector, the project provided a long list of suggestions for minimising the time spent on administrative and bureaucratic tasks by reducing overlapping tasks or making tasks more efficient and meaningful.

The participants in the study provided a wide range of initiatives concerning for example IT systems and technology solutions, local and national demands for documentation, cooperation with social authorities etc. Some of the suggested initiatives have already been implemented by the Danish government and have resulted in new legislation.

Involving the people working in the education sector

The survey was conducted through interviews – personal or focus group interviews. Furthermore, the survey involved validation workshops and two conferences with nearly 90 participants who were asked to specify and prioritise in the list of initiatives. In the design of the survey we aimed at involving a large number of employees to give a voice to the people working in and with the school system.  In this way, we were able to get qualitative knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the functioning of the Danish school system.

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