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The city of Luleå in Sweden with about 45.000 inhabitants has a vision to build new housing and increase the local population by 10,000 before the year 2050. In order to succeed, the water supply and sewer infrastructure must be upgraded with a new main water line that can cope with higher flows of waste- and rainwater.

Improved conditions for bikes and pedestrians

One part of the project involves improved paths for walking and biking. Here the line must be situated along the waterside and at a low geographical point, since it is important to achieve natural rainfall from areas that are located on higher ground. As an effect Luleå, a city that is surrounded by water on many sides will also be able to improve its recreational paths along the waterside. Today, the paths are narrow, and in need of maintenance.

The east link, as the project is called, is in this sense crucial for the development of the city. If there is no upgrade, the demand for new houses or industries will not grow.

An increase of the docking capacity

Ramboll is also in charge of planning a new and important private marina in order to increase Luleå´s docking capacity, because the old marina has insufficient space for boats. This requires new traffic solutions for better traffic safety, and two new pumping stations that are necessary for the waterline infrastructure to function. Ramboll is furthermore responsible for the landscape design of a public path and for the surrounding areas alongside the shoreline.

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