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Mogens Skov

Mogens Skov

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Ramboll contracted to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) in July 2018 to provide consultancy services associated with the retrofitting of emissions abatement technologies and natural gas infrastructure and boiler conversions at Vasilikos Power Station.

The Vasilikos power station is the largest in Cyprus and consists of five units (3 x HFO and 2 x CCGT). The project is being undertaken to reduce environmental impact and prepare for conversion to natural gas as part of Cyprus’ plan to incorporate natural gas to the energy mix.

The members of the Ramboll project team have significant previous involvement in the development and implementation of projects in Cyprus at all three of EACs generating plants.

The work is being delivered by several contractors that are each delivering a defined EPC scope. Ramboll is delivering the following services to EAC:

  • Project Management – under FIDIC Silver Book
  • Design review and integration
  • Monitor site activities including site management and programme management
  • Quality Assurance and control
  • Supervision of commissioning and performance tests
  • Factory inspections

The project is scheduled to finish in Q1 2020.

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