Extension makes waste-to-energy plant one of the most efficient in Europe

Waste-to-Energy Facility in Malmo

Waste-to-Energy Facility in Malmo


Ole Poulsen

Ole Poulsen

Head of Energy from Waste Department Sweden
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The expanded waste-to-energy facility in Malmö, Sweden, turns waste from 500,000 citizens into electricity and heat with new technologies, making it one of the most carbon-friendly plants in Europe.

Like most other local authorities around the world, Malmö is experiencing ever-increasing waste amounts. At the Sysav waste-to-energy facility, the waste volumes are reduced through thermal treatment. At the same time, it produces energy in the form of power and district heating for the benefit of Sysav’s owner municipalities.

The expansion of the waste-to-energy plant in Malmö makes it one of the largest in Northern Europe. In 2008, it was extended by a new Unit 4, producing both heat and power on the basis of municipal solid waste and industrial waste from approximately 500,000 inhabitants in the 14 municipalities of Southern Skåne.

- The capacity of the plant after the extension is now 630,000 tons of waste annually, and it produces 1.4 TWh heat and 0.3 TWh power. This makes it one of the most energy-efficient incineration plants in Europe with more than 104% efficiency among others by using advanced energy recovery by flue gas condensation and heat pump technology, says Project Manager Ole Poulsen.

The plant provides a very high environmental standard making it able to operate with very high margins to the environmental standards stipulated by the EU. The technologies chosen to secure the high emission reductions include implementation of wet flue gas treatment, dioxin reduction by Adiox and combined dioxin and NOx reduction in a SCR unit.

Supplying 14 municipalities with heat and electricity

The facility now supplies power to the national grid and heat to the district heating system of Malmö (the third largest city in Sweden) covering 60% of the city’s heat demand. Since the early project definition stage of Unit 4, Ramboll has assisted Sysav, providing:

  • Conceptual design, technical specifications and project definition
  • Environmental impact assessment and permitting
  • Management of procurement process, preparation of tender documents, bid evaluation and contract negotiations
  • Overall supervision and planning
  • Contract management

Ramboll was also Sysav’s lead consultant when the facility was extended by a new unit 3 in 2003. In addition, Ramboll has supported Sysav with the retrofit of the two 30-year-old waste-to-energy units 1 and 2. The retrofit included an upgrading of the flue gas treatment system and a replacement of the existing boilers.

Find more information about the project on Sysav's website here.

Watch video about the project here.

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