Water Efficiency Auditing In Industry

Ramboll’s experience with industrial water use makes us uniquely positioned to provide the combination of investigative experience and engineering skill to assist clients in meeting water efficiency goals.

One particular client has taken advantage of this offering at 18 of its production facilities around the world in order to achieve a corporate goal of 10 percent reduction in water usage across all sites.

Global Water Stewardship

Ramboll auditors provided two to four days of onsite auditing services at each facility, including a review of historical water usage/cost data, walkthroughs of major water consuming processes, identification of gaps in flow metering/monitoring, and discussions on previous water reduction initiatives.  At the completion of each audit, Ramboll submitted a report providing a breakdown of water intake/discharge accounting, a comprehensive water usage schematic, and recommendations for improvement opportunities with order-of-magnitude cost estimates for implementation and payback period. Identified opportunities varied for each site and encompassed a full spectrum of water uses, such as:

  • Segregation and recycling of relatively clean rinse streams through reverse osmosis
  • Optimization of/reduction in landscaping irrigation systems
  • Replacement of boiler/steam vacuum system with mechanical vacuum and cogeneration facility
  • Reduction of cooling tower evaporation with hybrid wet/dry units.

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