Assessor for Odense Tramway Transportation System

Odense Letbane

Odense Letbane


Pernille Thorup Adeler

Pernille Thorup Adeler

Project Director, Signalling Programme
T: +45 5161 6172

Pia Messell

Technical Manager & Lead Assessor
T: +45 51614501

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In Odense, the third largest city in Denmark, a new tramway line is to be built. Ramboll is the independent assessor for the Transportation System.

The new Odense tramway line will cross the city from the north-western edge in an east – south-easterly direction connecting the city functions as e.g. Odense Main Station, Odense University and a new University Hospital. The line is expected to provide an attractive alternative transport mode to approximately 1 mil passengers a month. 

Basic line data:
  • Track length (km): 14,3
  • Of these green track: ~70%
  • Number of stops: 26
  • Number of vehicles: 14

Ramboll is the Assessment Body (AsBo) for COMSA, the Transportation System Contractor for the Odense Tramway. It is the responsibility of the Transportation System Contractor to design and build the tramway infrastructure and to obtain the Authorisation for placing in service (APIS) of the tramway infrastructure of Odense Tramway from the National Safety Authority. In order to achieve approval and be able to place in service an accredited CSM-RA Assessment Body is needed. 

Ramboll has the role as Independent Safety Assessor for COMSA. For the APIS Ramboll will deliver a Safety Assessment Report providing confidence that a safety management process has been adequately undertaken and an acceptable safety level is reached for the tramway infrastructure.   

The scope of Ramboll’s independent assessment covers detailed design as well as the construction phase and test of all relevant technical areas: permanent way, stations, civil works, power supply, overhead catenary system, control command and signaling. 

Currently it is expected that line will go into service in 2021.

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