Environmental investigations for Thor – Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm

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Wind turbines


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Mikkel Benthien Kristensen

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The Danish Energy Agreement announced in 2018 that Energinet is planning to build three large offshore wind farms in Denmark in the next 10 years. Energinet has chosen Ramboll to lead the entire strategic environmental assessment (SEA) process for the first of these, called Thor.

Thor is expected to power 800,000 homes and create more than 8,000 jobs in the development phases, which will support Denmark’s ambition towards becoming carbon neutral.

Ramboll was chosen as the environmental advisor based on our strong expertise and experience specifically with environmental assessments of offshore wind farms.

Preparing for the future environmental impact assessment (EIA)

The SEA and the environmental investigations will form the background for a future EIA. Ramboll is responsible for the entire SEA process for the offshore wind farm, including power cable connections. Furthermore, Ramboll is undertaking environmental investigations for parameters including underwater noise, navigation safety as well as field work for benthos and marine mammals.

The SEA and EIA process will contribute to a meaningful consultation with relevant stakeholders, and adjustment of the project area.

Details about Thor

The new wind farm is named Thor after Thorsminde, the nearest village to the development, which will be located in the North Sea, 20 km from the coast and west of Nissum Fjord. The wind farm will have a capacity of 800-1,000 MW and will be connected to the grid between 2024 and 2027.

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