ETCS fitting of the Danish train fleet


Peter Aarkrog

Peter Aarkrog

Spearhead Director, Rail Systems, Denmark
T: +45 51616847

As one of the main activities in the Danish Signalling Programme, almost the entire Danish fleet was equipped with on board ERTMS.

Rambøll had a leading role in the customer installation team responsible for the entire process from survey to fitting roll out. The main activities were:

  • Manage detailed surveys together with supplier and RUs
  • Identify component locations and electrical train interfaces
  • Review of installation documentation
  • Review of installation activities

Rambøll lead the joint Rolling Stock Working Group as the forum for technical clarification between customer, supplier and the RUs.

One of the main challenges was insufficient or unavailable train documentation and variance (e.g. batch deliveries and repairs) within a train class. This constitutes the risk that a train class installation design cannot cover the entire fleet. To reduce the risk the on board project has implemented a train variance mitigation procedure based on 3D scanning of ETCS component locations in the train.

The serial fitting roll out of the Danish fleet took place 2015-2017.

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