Ramboll invites light into Frederiksberg Shopping Centre

Lighting Design in Frederiksberg Shopping Centre

Lighting Design in Frederiksberg Shopping Centre

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Frederiksberg Shopping Centre in Copenhagen has undergone an extensive renovation. The reconstruction offers a totally new interior and lighting design, which invites light and costumers into the shopping centre.

“Green” lighting

The shopping centre has added a whole new floor, which usually results in a higher overall CO2 emission due to more lighting and power.

- We have promised the municipality and ourselves to be eco-friendly. From the very start we wanted the most modern and most eco-friendly in terms of lighting that money could buy, says Construction manager Eva Handest from Danica Ejendomme – owner of the centre.

The client was determined that the addition of a brand new floor, should not result in a higher CO2 emission. By focusing entirely on the use of LED-lighting throughout the centre, Ramboll Lighting has created a lighting design that leaves a CO2 neutral footprint.  

Let there be light

Maria Stougaard, Architect and Lighting Designer in Ramboll Lighting Team, explains that the shopping centre used to be dark and difficult for the costumers to navigate.

- Prior to the restoration I experienced that the centre felt a bit cramped and dark, explains centre costumer Sanne Arke.  

The all new lighting design creates a pleasant ambience, which invites light into the shopping centre. The actual design consists of several installations, among those a subtle recessed cove lighting along the edges of the ceiling. The cove draws attention to the façades of the shops. The bright atmosphere is also created by the systematic use of LED-spots in the ceiling, which impart a feeling of warmth while at the same time visually breaking the monotony.

-  The centre feels more bright and open than it used to, and the lighting is definitely more pleasant than before, says centre costumer Jens Pedersen.

When architecture and lighting goes hand in hand

The architectural redesign has been created by Haskoll Architects and Design. Haskoll decided to widen the centre corridors and establish small oases of wooden benches and plants. These features create a break in the long corridors.

- And where architecture go, lighting follows, says Lighting Designer Maria Stougaard.

LED-spots in the ceilings are used to create numerous dots of light on the floor, which emphasise the contrast between the oases and the aisles. The lighting design supports the architectural features - a symbiosis that adds character and harmony to the overall design of the centre.

- People say that we have brought the centre into a new era. People in the Frederiksberg Shopping Centre will experience a lighting design that is second to none in Denmark, concludes Eva Handest, Danica Ejendomme.

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