Götaplatsen Lighting

Götaplatsen Lighting


Vladan Paunovic

Architect, Lighting Designer (MA), Creative Lead, IALD
T: +45 5161 8601

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Götaplatsen is one of the most prominent public spaces in Gothenburg, is also known as the "cultural heart" of Gothenburg since it is surrounded exclusively by buildings that house cultural activities. In 2011, the square received a major facelift, with Ramboll as the designer and consultant.

The lighting is designed to enhance the appearance of facades, walls, monuments and trees. Besides that, the feeling of security on the square at night is significantly improved. This ensures that people feel safe and inspired to use the area as a popular pedestrian route and an attractive meeting point.

The project won the Swedish lighting award in 2012. 

In the motivation for awarding Ramboll with the prize, the jury states: 

"The lighting designers have been able to combine the need for safety, function and experiences with a beautiful lighting design. They have created a cityscape where the ambition of using direct light has been so successful that it feels like the lighting has always been there."

"The illumination technology and fittings have been carefully integrated in the architecture of the square. The electrical installations have been fitted with great refinement and the lighting gives the observer the opportunity to find details that are either illuminated or in silhouette."

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