Legal services help mark 100 years of women’s right to vote

On the 5th of June 1915, a Constitution was passed that was to change the lives of Danish women. Among others, it gave Danish women the right to vote and stand for election. To mark this milestone, during this spring, the Danish Parliament and the Government will make a national celebration of gender equality, democracy, and women’s participation in politics today.

Indeed, a national celebration of that calibre requires a certain amount of expertise to plan and facilitate. In 2014, the Ministry of Children, Gender Equality, Integration, and Social Affairs made two tenders public on behalf of the Government to find the best collaborators. Ramboll delivered legal assistance on the long and complex tender processes. Among other things it included assistance in the pre-qualifications for the bidders, and facilitations of both question and negotiation meetings.

Legal assistance ensures smooth tender process

The first tender regarded the development of a new website dedicated to the 100th anniversary, debate material, and design concept. The other tender concerned a contract for the national celebration of the 100th year for women’s right to vote, their eligibility, and the 1915 Constitution.

Project manager and senior legal adviser from Ramboll, Camilla Skovbæch Rossing, explains:

- As legal advisors, we acted as sparring partner for the Ministry and participated in the meetings with the inter-ministerial steering committee responsible for the projects. The Ministry received legal advice and assistance from the very beginning. This ensured the fulfilment of two smooth and efficient tendering processes.

Website and events ready for the celebration

In total, the Government has allocated approx. EUR 1m to mark the 100th year of women’s eligibility in Denmark. Part of this budget has resulted in a new website, debate material and a design concept for the celebration roll-out. Ramboll will look forward to celebration as well as the many presentations, debates, and exhibitions planned in honour of the anniversary, which will take place before, after, and during the Danish Constitution Day on June 5th.

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