Malmö City Tunnel

Malmö citytunnel

Malmö citytunnel


Klavs Koefoed

Senior Project Director, Transport, Ramboll Denmark
T: +45 51 61 62 60

Services we provided

The City Tunnel Project called CTP was established as a project organisation under Banverket and included a twin tube railway tunnel, emergency access shafts, Triangeln station, ramp and C&C tunnel in Holma.

MCG was the international construction joint venture that Rambøll worked for during the 6 years long construction phase.
Rambøll was responsible for designing the civil engineering works at the 4 construction sites consisting of Triamngeln Station, the 2 emergency access shafts and the 700 m long C&C tunnel and open ramp. During the design works Rambøll designed the groundwater lowering system as closed system being able to take groundwater out from the aquifer in the construction pit and with no aeration by reinjecting the groundwater 200-300 m away from the construction pit.
Further to the design work Ramboll delivered several specialist to the clients staff acting in key positions during the 6 year long construction and installation phase.

The tunnel was the last railway part of the connection between Malmö and Copenhagen.

Value added for the customer

Rambøll was part of the design phase as well as of the construction phase for this 1.5 bn € project, which began in 2004 and finished in 2010, 6 month before planned.

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