Analysing SDG-contribution by Swedish Innovation programme


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Analyse and describe societal impacts generated in a so-called challenge-driven innovation programme governed by Sweden's innovation agency, Vinnova. That is the 4 year task Ramboll Management Consulting and our Sustainability experts are working on at the moment.

Challenge-driven innovation is a Swedish nation-wide initiative aimed at providing solutions that make a clear contribution to one or more of the 17 Sustainable development goals laid out in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.
According to Executive Director in Ramboll Management Consulting, Henrik Seiding, the project proofs Ramboll’s strong position on sustainable solutions in a market that is growing:

- We are proud to contribute to knowledge and impacts related to the SDG’s. Sustainability consulting is really picking up. This attracts a large number of consultancies. For us however, this is genuinely the ideal project as we are able to apply our competencies on Social & Economic Impacts within a field that 1-1 matches the mission we have in Ramboll; to create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish.

Clear contribution to the 17 SDG’s

Achieving the specified goals will not come easy, explains Johannes Henriksson. Anchored in Ramboll’s Stockholm office, he is responsible for the assignment. Delivering on the goals require cooperation among different industries, academic disciplines and social functions. On top of this, the focus is different compared to how innovation agencies normally work, says Henriksson:

- Challenge-driven innovation differs from several of Vinnova's other initiatives, as the starting point is societal challenges instead of technological challenges. In addition, the projects involve a wider range of actors from different parts of society who want to find new solutions and new ways of working to contribute to a better society. We think this is a very interesting approach.

Projects operating within the programme can tackle everything from climate change and health challenges to problems of inequality and the uneven distribution of resources.

Communication is key

The analysis will be carried out using desk research, qualitative interviews, surveys and workshops together with stakeholders representing a range of sectors. The ambition is to communicate results from the projects in an easily accessible way and thus contribute to the development of innovation driven from societal challenges in the long term.

- A major focus for us is to continously communicate how the projects contribute to society and the global goals, says Johannes Henriksson.

Agenda 2030 is an agreement between the UN member States to eradicate poverty, increase equality, resolve the climate crisis and promote peace and justice by the year 2030. All projects that participate in Vinnova's ‘Challenge-driven innovation’ will contribute to achieving the goals.


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