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Søren Ørsted

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CTR is the biggest district heating transmission company in Denmark, and the main objective for CTR is to utilise waste heat from waste-to-energy plants and combined heat and power plants (CHP plants). Ramboll Energy recently performed a maintenance analysis of their organisation and their procedures. 

Purpose of the project

The purpose was to prepare the basis for a detailed optimisation plan which should ultimately ensure:
  • Maintenance efforts are aligned in relation to the desired level and meet the requirements in relation to asset management
  • Basis for decision on investment related to the operation
  • Better transparency where it is profitable to carry out condition-based measurements on the equipmentin (monitoring)
  • Streamlined business focus
  • Availability
In addition, the aim was to clarify the areas that will support future work in maintenance.

Project content

Ramboll conducted a maintenance analysis/screening of the entire organisation. The analysis treated all factors regarding economy, organisation, methods, optimisation, planning, systems and contractor management. The result was documented in a report describing findings, improvement recommendations and an implementation plan.
The project was executed by the use of the “MERP” methodology (Maintenance Excellence Recognition Process), which includes an evaluation of the existing level against world class. 
Besides this recent project, Ramboll has also during the past 10 years helped CTR with building up maintenance planning at their district heating facilities and assisted with implementation of their maintenance system.

The concept

The benefits of these analyses are that the client gets a clear picture of strengths and areas of focus in relation to the fulfillment of internal business goals. With a well worked out and well documented improvement plan from Ramboll, the way to efficient operation is shown

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