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Haldor Topsøe A/S is one of the world's leading companies within process technology, research and development in heterogeneous catalysis for oil refineries, chemical production and green tech. Ramboll completed an ambitious and challenging project for their green-field plant in Tianjin, China. 

Purpose of the project

Ramboll ensured that all maintenance and managerial activities were ready for operation so that efficient production was ensured from the very beginning without compromising safety, economy and availability. The project started about one year before the plant was completed, and Ramboll’s work included development of asset strategies, methodology design, systems, inventory setup, and preparation of administrative maintenance procedures.

Project content

The project included the following topics:
  • Development of asset management master plan including maintenance preparation, CMMS, spare part management, organisation, KPIs, documentation, continuous improvement and training  
  • Detailed maintenance plans for all new equipment ready for direct upload in SAP
  • Assessment of the documentation and procedures based on daily operation and maintenance needs as well as future equipment upgrade projects
  • Design of the feedback functionality in the CMMS from maintenance tasks based on international standards  
  • Definition of required spare part information for usable spare part functionality in the CMMS and assessment of received spare part documentation
  • Risk based maintenance analysis (RCM) on all equipment in their new production
  • Competence development
The project was rounded off with intensive training in optimisation, maintenance planning, root cause analysis and spare part handling. The training was conducted on site in China.

Replicable concept

In Ramboll Energy we have now prepared the ‘script’ and concept for optimal preparation for maintenance, and the model is replicable for all types of assets and industries.
With this concept Ramboll takes a very strong position when it comes to ensuring efficient maintenance and continuous improvements.
Ramboll closed the project with a high client satisfaction evaluation: 4.6 on a scale to 5.

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