Procurement of new waste-to-energy unit

KARA/NOVEREN waste-to-energy facility in Roskilde, Denmark

KARA/NOVEREN waste-to-energy facility in Roskilde, Denmark


Nils Christian Holm

Nils Christian Holm

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Denmark’s existing waste-to-energy facilities have been optimised and existing capacity replaced, but no new thermal treatment capacity has been established since 2002.

ARGO is the first plant to receive the authorities’ approval since 2002 and is now establishing a new €175M waste-to-energy unit capable of meeting the capacity demands for thermal treatment of waste generated in its owner municipalities. Ramboll is responsible for the procurement of mechanical and electrical equipment for the new unit, which is scheduled for commercial operation in 2013.

For many years, Ramboll has been a consultant to the waste management company operating the plant. We assisted them in the latest extension of the plant 10 years ago and have provided day-to-day assistance and trouble-shooting services ever since.

In the years to come a number of similar projects will be launched in Denmark as several existing waste-to-energy plants have limited residual life. Ramboll is in a good position to be chosen as the consultant for these projects due to our extensive list of project references and unique experience.

Ramboll provides the following services:

  • Project planning and definition
  • Conceptual design
  • Tendering
  • Procurement
  • Project/contract management
  • Supervision
  • Commissioning

Architectural design

Adding a new dimension to the urban landscape, the modern waste-to-energy (WtE) facility breaks with all known standards of functionality and design. It aims to enhance efficiency and peacefully co-exist or create an architectural dialogue with its neighbours.

This is certainly the case in Roskilde where the new WtE unit will be an architectural landmark. ARGO has chosen a design by the world famous Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat to ensure that the building will play against the surrounding area's industrial profile and embrace both the historic and industrial heritage of the area.

The large, outspoken, amber-coloured design will give an insight into the mostly hidden processes of transforming waste into energy, and at night the backlighting of the perforated facade will transform the spire to an illusion of a glowing beacon, symbolizing the energy production inside the facility. On special occasions the building will be illuminated, and for a few minutes every hour a spark will gradually grow into a blazing flame eating up the entire building.

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