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800 households in the Municipality of Køge will soon get access to cheap and sustainable district heating when the heat supply is converted to district heating.

The Municipality of Køge has decided to convert part of its heat supply to district heating. Until recently, the buildings have been individually heated and fuelled with either natural gas or oil, which is not only more expensive, but also less climate friendly than district energy.

The new district heating system will result in a 10% reduction of the annual heating bill for the 800 households supplied by the network. On top of that, the heat produced by the system will be almost carbon neutral.

Geotechnical and Archaeological Challenges

With its busy harbour and well-preserved city centre, it is not hard to imagine that Køge has played an important role in Danish history as a lively market town.

However, these charming traits also make it difficult to transform the city’s old energy supply system to modern technologies that meet present demands. Irene Carlsen, Project Manager at Ramboll’s district heating department, explains:

- Being an old harbour and railway town, Køge has posed more than just a few challenges for the engineers working on converting the city to district heating. The city’s proximity to the coast and its unfavourable soil conditions have put the choice of drilling methods and the securing of excavations against groundwater and seawater  to the test.

Another challenge has been to cross the train station without digging into old pipes as well as coordinating the operations with the new housing development on Køge Kyst and the extension of the Køge Bugt freeway.

Further Extensions Coming Up

The first part of the heat network was commissioned by the end of 2013 with further extensions planned in the coming 10 years.

The project comprises a new heat distribution network and conversion of the existing boiler rooms located at Køge Hospital to district heating via energy transfer stations (ETS). In addition, remote peak and reserve heating plants will be installed to feed into the district heating network when required. The industrial biomass fuelled Køge CHP plant is the main supplier of heat to the network, and as of 2017, surplus heat from the factory CP Kelco is also expected to be used as base load.

Upon completion the new network will comprise a trench length of 90 km, made of buried pipes with dimensions up to DN400. The total amount invested in the project is approx. EUR 90 million.

Ramboll’s services

Ramboll is the owner’s engineer for VEKS and has provided a variety of services such as business case modelling, concept and detailed design of peak and reserve heating plants, construction management, general procurement advice including tendering for design-and-build contracts of the network, project follow-up, site supervision and project management of customer conversions.

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