Solar energy project in Lillestrøm

Sunny countryside

Sunny countryside


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State-of-the-art renewable energy project.

Ramboll Energy has been commissioned with a solar energy project for Akershus Energi in Lillestrøm, Norway. A solar heating plant will be built in conjunction with Akershus Energy Park, which Ramboll also helped the client construct.
The plant will be the largest solar heating plant in Norway. Akershus Energy Park in Lillestrøm is one of Europe’s most modern and innovative district heating stations, operating on woodchips and biogas. With the construction of the solar heating plant, yet another renewable energy source will be introduced.

State-of-the-art renewable energy project

Akershus Energy Park has a vision of becoming a leading R&D arena for renewable energy in general and for solar heating in particular. Through the technological width represented at Akershus Energy Park, the client also wishes to contribute to a constructive interaction between technology and community.
The solar heating panels will cover an area of 10,000 square metres and will be connected to the rest of the energy park. Ramboll will prepare the technical specifications of the solar heating plant, assist in the procurement process, design the connection to existing systems, verify the energy output, manage the project and follow up on the contract in the construction period.

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