Vattenfall power plant

Vattenfall power plant, Copenhagen

Vattenfall power plant, Copenhagen


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Ramboll has completed two major Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) projects on one of Vattenfall’s power plants in Denmark. The objective of the project at the Copenhagen power plant was to:

  • Perform a preliminary assessment of existing RCM planning methodology within criticality ratings, performance standards, failure/cause analysis and maintenance strategies
  • Identify safety critical elements and criticality calculations at KKS number level
  • Develop RCM tool
  • Prepare maintenance strategies and RCM results ready for implementation in SAP-PM
  • Report on short-term and long-term activities, including workflows in order to ensure continuous improvements related to RCM

In addition, Ramboll also identified the facilities and equipment that required special attention from a process safety point of view. On this basis a final maintenance plan was generated and accompanied by recommended spares.

The multidisciplinary focus areas within this project were boiler and flue gas treatment system; transport facilities; water treatment system; ash system; and electrical system.

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