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About the project 

Operating 100% on renewable energy and with negative operational carbon emissions, Lidl’s distribution centre in Järvenpää excels in sustainable and smart solutions. 1,600solar panels have been installed on the roof of the 74,700 sqm building to generate electricity for its refrigeration plant. The plant produces condensate heat that meets the heating requirement of the distribution centre and directs the excess to a local district heating network. The refrigeration plant, designed by Ramboll, is one of the largest plants in the world to use Carbon Dioxide as a refrigerant. 

Key challenges

The project is, according to BREAAM-standards, certified as ‘Excellent.’ To fulfil the goal of operational Carbon Neutrality, the project set ambitious targets to implement the Smart Energy Concept. The key challenge was to be the forerunner of implementing new technologies including two-way district heating, predictive energy management for thermal and electrical energy, demand response, electrical battery and thermal storage system. These technologies have never been holistically implemented to a building this scale. 


Ramboll played a key role in concept development, sustainability consultation, coordination and commission of the holistic Smart Energy ConceptRamboll presented solutions for Facility and Asset Management to secure that ground-breaking sustainability was achieved. For the ongoing commissioning, Smooth OperatorBy Ramboll utilises the digital twin concept to create tailored sustainability KPI’s to ensure delivery of targets, providing stakeholders with necessary information all in one place. 

Ramboll provided

  • Construction management consultancy
  • Site supervision
  • BREEAM consulting
  • Full thermal energy and cold system design
  • Definition of the overall smart energy concept
  • Smart Energy Consulting
  • Smooth Operator by Ramboll for asset management
  • Ecological survey or the plot and surrounding areas prior to building and establishment of protection and improvement measures

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