Light art installation H2.0, Finlandia-house, Lux Helsinki 2019


Reija Pasanen

Leading Consultant
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Water was chosen as the theme of the work because it is one of the basic prerequisites for life and a key factor for development. All life on Earth is dependent on water, essential to humans, animals and ecosystems. Water consumption in many areas has far exceeded what the natural cycle of water can produce.

The visual material of H2.O consists of water associations and movement. The sound world supports the theme of the work and creates a water-like rhythm for light. The gleaming white facade of Finlandia House transforms into a flow of light and sound.

The annual five-day light festival Lux Helsinki spread to the center of Helsinki from 5 to 9 January 2019. The event presents a variety of forms of light art on a changing route every few kilometers. More than half a million visitors come every year to admire the familiar buildings and spaces for a moment transformed into unique pieces of urban art.

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