Simulation of non-motorised traffic and linked trips at Kivistö station


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The Kivistö railway station is located in Vantaa in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Simulation was used to reveal possible traffic bottlenecks around the Kivistö station and the surrounding area of new residential and office buildings. Simulation is an impartial way of detecting differences between designs. It helps to determine the most practical locations and optimum number of stops for linked trips, journey times for different means of transport, transfer times, delays and passenger loads in places like platforms and stairs. Simulation also helps to optimise public transport timetables to ensure smooth transfer from one line to another.

The simulation focused on three alternative designs. They turned out to be equally efficient for non-motorised traffic. An alternative with a bus terminal located at the southern roundabout was the best for bus traffic. In this alternative, bus journey times and delays were the shortest.

First time modelling of non-motorised traffic

Simulation of pedestrian and bicycle traffic had not previously been performed in Finland at such a detailed level. Therefore, before constructing the simulation model, the actual research method was developed and parameters were determined for the evaluation of the efficiency of non-motorised traffic. Some parts of Ramboll’s 3D simulation tool, Vissim, were used for the first time in a design project. The extra modules enabled detailed modelling of non-motorised traffic and public transport in the terminal area at different levels. Previously, the basic version of the software has been used for the evaluation of road traffic in Finland.

The simulation was performed using two sets of traffic conditions: the conditions in 2015, when the Ring Rail and the Kivistö station have just been opened for traffic, and the conditions in 2030, when the land use plans for the area have been fully implemented.

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