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The Mannerheim Park is located within the city centre of Oulu. The renewed open park provides a venue for all kind of public happenings. The park provides various entertainment for stay.

The park's lighting solutions also had an influence on its structures, and the light concrete surface of the new walls reflects the lighting colours splendidly.
As part of the events in the park, the colour-changing lighting is programmed in the spectator stand structures, the water jets and their winter protection, as well as in the light chains of the central pole

A 10-meter-tall special pole with its dynamic, multi-coloured light chains are the new landmark of the city centre of Oulu. The perforated special pole houses a dynamic RGB lighting system and, together with the light chains, it forms the visual look of the event park.
Lighting that changes colour according to seasons (autumn, winter, spring) and various holidays creates dynamic and impressive lighting to the park. The park's special lighting and sound systems enable various kinds of audio-visual presentations.

The technology required by the events, such as audio equipment and power take-offs, is installed in the lighting columns. Loudspeakers are embedded in the custom-built lighting posts, and power take-offs are located at the foot of the posts.

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