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One of Northern Europe's largest producers of balconies with net sales figures of more than 120 mil EUR, has entered into an agreement with Ramboll with the purpose to assess whether and to what extent their activities are aligned with the EU Taxonomy. 

Balco has operations in more than seven countries, including the UK, Germany and Norway.

"Being present in many different countries only adds an extra dimension to the assessment of Balco’s alignment with the EU Taxonomy, as different national legislative contexts need to be considered." Josefin Borg says.

He is one of Ramboll's EU Taxonomy experts, working with Balco on the project. 

Identifying screening activities

A central element of the process is to identify which of Balco’s activities have the potential to substantially contribute to the environmental objectives of the EU taxonomy or in other words, which of its activities are eligible for screening. Balco Group AB controls their entire value chain, which increases the number of activities that could be eligible for screening according to the EU Taxonomy. 

Besides defining the eligible activities of the client, Ramboll conducts the technical screening of Balco’s activities according to the criteria in the Taxonomy. Throughout this process, Ramboll analyses gaps in data and identifies the actions and stakeholders needed to bridge and mitigate them.

Moreover, an essential output of the process is a set of recommendations on the actions that Balco Group AB can take to improve the environmental sustainability of their business.

Ramboll will help identify these actions based on the technical screening of the eligible economic activities and their alignment with the technical screening criteria. The actions will be categorised according to the scale of their impact and the effort required to complete them.

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