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While traffic is cramming up, recent advances in technology is a highway of opportunities for transportation companies all over the world.

One of them, Movia - catering for 215 million yearly passengers, commissioned Ramboll Management Consulting to help advance the company’s understanding of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). A platform-based service integrating several transport systems in a user-friendly and coherent way.

- Tests in e.g. Gothenburg have indicated that MaaS can be expected to release several benefits. Among the benefits are cheaper or more convenient mobility and fewer owned cars, which means less need for parking and less car trips and as a result less congestion and emissions. This put together really make the case for liveable cities and regions, explains Søren Have, Managing Consultant in Ramboll and Project Manager on the MaaS project for Movia.


Making progress on company mission

By the use of MaaS, Movia could potentially make big progress to its mission to increase mobility throughout the region of Zealand and Greater Copenhagen. However, with a game-changer technology comes several challenges both from an organisational point-of-view and in terms of market maturity.

Therefore, Movia needed support to analyse the optimal approach to designing and implementing such a solution. This included assistance in developing and formulating operating models as well as legal consulting regarding market assessment.

Overall, the project had three building blocks:

  • A roadmap for the project
    Ramboll assisted Movia in developing a roadmap for the project of operationalising a MaaS solution in the Greater Copenhagen area. The roadmap described the overall phases and main decisions for establishing a MaaS solution. Furthermore, the activities in the initial phase were described in details in order to advance the project.

  • A conceptual operating model
    The roadmap included a conceptual operating model describing the needed capabilities and the areas of responsibility in operating a MaaS solution. One of the first activities of the roadmap that Movia had to do was organising subsequent meetings and round table discussions with other internal and external key stakeholders in order to qualify the approach and create a consensus on the matter thus clearing out future road blocks.

  • Request for Information from the market
    As MaaS is a new type of integrated mobility offering, it was not clear to what extent the market could provide the services needed. Once Movia could confirm the support from key stakeholders, the project proceeded to assess the interest of the actors in the global market of mobility services and/or platform providers. Ramboll assisted Movia in executing a Request for Information (RFI). The purpose of the RFI was to gather information from the market to understand which services the market could realistically provide in the near future. The RFI was highly successful with promising responses from key actors in the global market.
- The RFI has been really valuable because it showed both broad and competent market interest. We became confident that the market could deliver. Next step is to reach out to the market and begin developing solutions together with us as well as other public transport authorities and transport providers, says Anette Enemark, Head of Mobility in Movia.

A timeline for the market testing and solution prototypes is expected to be established later in 2017.

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