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Each year, Denmark contributes 200 million DKK to the European space program which is administrated by the European space organization ESA. Danish companies and institutions receive contracts which approximately amount to the Danish contribution.

As an element in developing a strategy for the development of Danish space research, Ramboll Management has conducted an analysis for The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. The scope of the analysis was to uncover the Danish companies’ economic benefits from participation in the European space programs from 2000 to 2007.

Based on detailed interviews with a range of Danish companies within the space sector, Ramboll Management has conducted an analysis which shows the effect of the Danish involvement in ESA on the Danish companies. More specifically, the Danish companies were interviewed about the short- and long-term impact of ESA contracts on their turnover and employment.

Information from the companies has been incorporated into an econometric model, which gives a direct picture of the impact of ESA contracts in terms of economic growth and employment amongst Danish contractors and sub-contractors.

The analysis clearly shows that the Danish ESA involvement is important to the possibilities of increasing the competence level and competitiveness of Danish companies in this sector. In addition, ESA gives the Danish companies a way to capitalize on the increased competence level in other markets as well. More specifically, the analysis shows that each million DKK Denmark invests in its cooperation with ESA, generates a turnover of 4 to 5 million DKK for Danish companies.

For further information see the press-release from The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (In Danish)

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