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Located just south of the Arctic circle in Skellefteå in Northern Sweden, Northvolt is intended to set new standards with a gigafactory producing lithium-ion batteries.

The factory is one of Europe's largest and among the first to be introduced in Europe in response to the need to decarbonize and electrify global energy systems.

Once the facility is fully operational, Northvolt will be able to produce enough batteries for 1 million electric vehicles a year. With a mission to supply the most sustainable batteries in the world, the Northvolt project is highly ambitious.

Assessing the possible social and economic impacts

The municipality of Skellefteå is facing major societal changes because of the new battery factory and needs to act proactively to enhance sustainable growth. The municipality therefore needed a thorough understanding of the wider impacts of Northvolt's large investment.

Ramboll conducted a scenario analysis of the social and economic impacts of the project in close collaboration with the municipality.

Ramboll's team of experts estimated how local business, the labour market, population growth and demographics, housing needs, and municipal services could be affected until 2040.

Applying both qualitative interviews, workshops, and a tailor-made quantitative model, Ramboll was able to draw conclusions that has helped the municipality mobilise, set a new population goal for 2030, and jointly work towards a clear direction towards sustainable growth in Skellefteå.


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