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Ramboll assisted a Swedish holding company with a revenue in excess of €350 mil, to get an overview of the EU Taxonomy and how its various subsidiaries align with respect to the economic activities as outlined in the Taxonomy. 

For holding companies, the EU Taxonomy is particularly complex and challenging due to the gathering and consolidating of information from subsidiaries. Therefore, it is crucial that such organizations get an early overview of how to deal with the requirements of the EU Taxonomy.

Ramboll’s support

Ramboll assisted a Swedish holding company to create an overview of how they are exactly affected by the EU Taxonomy and what opportunities it provides. Ramboll also assisted the company to develop a plan for further work with the EU Taxonomy. Furthermore, the particular activities of the holding company complicate matters further, as the companies they invest in, fall under economic activities that can substantially contribute to multiple objectives. 

The preliminary work to determine data gaps and responses to the said findings is paramount, as it lays the foundation for the screening of the eligible activities. Finally, understanding the final report and how to deal with the findings is key to developing governance on the EU Taxonomy reporting. 

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