Battleship "Murmansk" - Technical evaluation of breakwaters and retaining walls for the salvage of the battleship

Wreckage of the battleship "Murmansk"

Wreckage of the battleship "Murmansk"


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Services we provided

The sunken Russian battleship "Murmansk" in Sørvær in northern Norway has been attempted salvaged. Norwegian contractor AF Decom was in 2009 given the contract to dismantle and remove the 211 m long warship with a dead weight of around 17.000 tons.

Breakwaters and retaining walls were constructed around the battleship, but damaged during a storm. The contractor has claimed compensation of derived costs from the insurance company.

Services provided

Ramboll has been responsible for technical evaluations of the design assumptions and design of breakwaters and retaining walls for the insurance company.

Further, Ramboll has carried out analysis of design waves using MIKE 21 SW and BW modules, to assess the contractors design assumptions

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