Campus Grimstad

The new university area of Campus Grimstad will gather the students of Arendal and Grimstad under one roof. Ramboll has actively participated in the accomplishment of the project.

Campus Grimstad has an area of 26,500 square metres in total, including a 9,000 square metre building that has been rehabilitated. In addition, there is a new parking facility of 3,500 square metres under construction.

Campus Grimstad is established close to the former ”Teleskolen” in Grimstad. Those old buildings became part of the new campus.

The main building contains over 800 rooms and will house 250 employees and 2500 students.

Ramboll's role in the project

Ramboll was responsible for the architecture of the new campus. In addition, Ramboll was assigned with the project management, administering about 70 different contractors.

Ramboll's office in Grimstad had the construction management responsibility and helped the client to pick the right solutions.

Furthermore, Ramboll also composed a 3D visualization of the campus area.

A wide range of facilities

In order to connect the old and the new buildings, a new gate was erected. It is formed almost like an indoor mall or shopping centre - a 130 meter long walking area with cafés and meeting points along the way.

A complete sound studio with a TV and video department was established as well. A special section was designed for medical sciences with hospital resembling classrooms to create an inspiring learning environment. In addition, several auditoriums were built, some of which have a capacity to room up to 300 people.

A separate building for social activities is located in the centre area. The so-called ”blue box” contains a pub, meeting facilities and studios for rehearsals, as well as a concert hall.

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