Norway's largest transport project prepares Oslo for future growth

The Follo Line cuts through South Oslo out of the city (credit: Jernbaneverket)

The Follo Line cuts through South Oslo out of the city (credit: Jernbaneverket)

The 23 km Follo Line railway will connect Oslo to the commuter city of Ski. Currently the largest transport project in Norway, it features Norway's longest railway tunnel (19 km) to allow much faster and more frequent trains to Oslo from the south.

Infrastructure upgrades needed in Oslo

It is no secret that Oslo needs to upgrade its existing infrastructure to accommodate future growth. With more than 1 million current residents and a projected 30 percent population influx by 2025, the greater Oslo region has already reached its full railway and road capacity.

The Norwegian government has acted swiftly to solve Oslo's future infrastructure challenges. An integral part of this effort, the Follo Line will meet the growing railway capacity demand in the bottleneck south of Oslo by boosting rush-hour capacity by 63 percent.

Take a quick virtual tour on the Follo Line (video: Jernbaneverket)

Comprehensive project knowledge and coordination

The trains on the Follo Line will be managed by a signalling system from Thales Norway. Having played a key role in the detailed planning of the initial scoping phase, Ramboll has been awarded the signalling counselling contract for the Oslo-Ski link.

- We have been involved in the construction planning from the outset and know the specifications and technologies of this project very well. This allows us to take on a coordinating role in the signalling part of this very complex project while taking all stakeholders into account, says Jon Arild Tepstad, Head of Signalling, Ramboll.

Local insight and international expertise

With experience from several key railway signalling upgrades in Norway and the rest of Europe – most notably an extensive signalling upgrade in Denmark and a railroad project in Trondheim, Norway – Ramboll has assembled a strong team of railway signalling experts for the Follo Line project.

- In addition to our local insight and previous project involvement, we will leverage our expertise from other large signalling projects internationally. The client demands a cutting-edge signalling system and we are in a good position to meet the client’s demands, says Jon Arild Tepstad.

All eyes on Follo

Due to its largesse and relevance to a large segment of the Norwegian people, the Follo Line project is under constant scrutiny from Norwegian media and politicians. Jon Arild Tepstad welcomes the challenge.

- It's exciting to be part of a project with the potential to make rail transport easier for several thousand people every day. Our signalling experts will be able to put their skills on display on this project, and by 2021 the people of Oslo will reap the full benefits of this effort, says Jon Arild Tepstad.

Overview of the Follo Line project (video: Jernbaneverket)

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