Faculty of Art, Music and Design at University of Bergen

Faculty of Art, Music & Design, University of Bergen

Faculty of Art, Music & Design, University of Bergen


Per Øyvind Løbach

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The Core & The Shell - The new Academy of Art, Music and Design in Bergen is a 14,800 square meter, four-story project. The building is on the bank of Lake Store Lungegårdsvann and surrounded by the three Fløyen, Ulrikken & Løvstakken mountains. The architecture firm Snøhetta won the project in 2005, and Ramboll has developed the lighting concept and detailed all lighting solutions indoor and outdoor lighting.

The lighting design concept is based on the architecture of the building and the two main components; the core the shell. 

The core is in the center of the building, a wide large atrium, which is the main entrance and exhibition center. This is heart of the building, an open public space which also allows smooth transition from one to another side of the building. This is the focal point, the area in which all public activities and socializing events happen. The core is exposed to the outside via a large glass façade and inside through glazed perimeter walls of the surrounded rooms. 

The shell is the outer layer. This is where all learning and individual activities happen. These two volumes compliment and complete each other to achieve one goal, serving the art faculty. 

Considering all the differences between these two main volumes and their functions, hence the different types of luminaires; the total lighting scheme is a blended combination of both and follows function and form as a whole. Lighting scheme consists of three overlapping layers, where colour temperature shifts gradually from warm to cool from entrance toward the center, or heart of the building. 

During the day, randomly mounted pendants in the atrium and on the bridge create interesting effects when sunlight enters the atrium from the skylights. Shadows of the pendants and the ceiling structure create a special effect on the solid perimeter walls. The dynamic game of light and shadow metamorphoses every second and sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish between pendants and their shadows.

During dark hours looking up to the bridge from the atrium, the viewer is hardly able to draw a boundary between pendants in the atrium and the ones on the bridge. Due to their random placement, mounting height and the bridges glass wall and glass reflection, infinity effect happens. 


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