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Hordaland County Authority has engaged Ramboll Norway to develop a VISSIM model for the public transit terminal in Nonneseter and the surrounding road network in Bergen.

The intention was to visualize traffic flow of busses and pedestrians within a new proposed terminal layout and assess all the impact on traffic in the nearby intersection and road network.

The following parameters were used to establish the model:

  • Traffic forecasts.
  • Pedestrian counts at the bus terminal.
  • The proposed future bus services.
  • Current traffic signal timings.

Simulation of peak hour

The simulations in VISSIM were carried out for the afternoon peak hour between 3.30 to 4.30 pm. Two simulations were executed: in one all pedestrian activity was assigned to grade crossings, in the other, half of the pedestrian activity was assigned to a subway system.

Conclusions from the simulation

  • Traffic flow in the model is generally good.
  • Public transport lane in Lungegårdskaien currently operates effectively.
  • Traffic flow in intersection Fjøsangerveien and Strøms­gaten works well. The conflicts between bus and tramway in this intersection are negligible.
  • The Northern pedestrian crossing within the terminal demonstrates satisfactory operation, even when all pedestrian activity is assigned to grade crossings.

The model also showed which areas are potentially problematic. Problems can occur with the traffic flow in the public transit terminal.

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