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Steinar Flessen

Section Manager, Section of Road- and Railroad Engineering
T: +47 93243103
Ramboll has been an advisor in planning the new Steinberg tunnel near the city centre of Trondheim, Norway. The project required adjustment to a complicated urban situation as the road had to be linked to the existing road network. In addition to this, a railway and a tramway had to be taken into consideration.

An oversaturated signalised junction by one of the tunnel entries was to be replaced by a large roundabout. The Steinberg tunnel is a part of the ‘Nordre avlastningsveg’, the new bypass which is to lead traffic across the Trondheim city centre. Locally 'Nordre avlastningsveg' is expected to reduce traffic levels in a congested area, yielding environmental benefits to the surrounding residential areas.

Ramboll’s services have been carried out in cooperation with a number of teams at the Trondheim office.

Main tasks:
  • Road geometry for portals at Marienborg and Ila
  • Retaining walls
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Ventilation
  • Drainage and redesign of existing pipe network

The project was managed by the Infrastructure team at the Ramboll office in Trondheim.

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