Amazing Al Shaheen

We have recently completed one of our most extensive projects to date for Maersk Oil Qatar on the offshore field development project called Al Shaheen.

We have recently completed one of our most extensive projects to date for Maersk Oil Qatar on the offshore field development project called Al Shaheen.


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Al Shaheen is a production oil and gas field off the North East coast of Qatar in the Arabian Gulf. The oil field lies over the North Gas Field; the largest gas field in the world. Al Shaheen has been developed by Maersk Oil in what constitutes one of the largest and most complex offshore oil and gas projects undertaken in the world today.

Ambitious field development plan

Maersk Oil Qatar operates Al Shaheen under a production sharing agreement with Qatar Petroleum, on behalf of the state of Qatar. In 2005 Maersk Oil initiated an ambitious development plan calling for 15 new platforms with at weight of over 140,000 tonnes steel; the drilling of more than 160 production and water injection wells, and numerous modification jobs on the existing platforms.

The biggest project in Ramboll history

In 2006, Maersk Oil assigned Ramboll to carry out the brown field design including design of modifications of existing platforms and a discrimination study that would ensure a smooth tie-in of the new platforms to the existing power system. Ramboll set up a dedicated team for this project, which at peak times counted +130 people working full time for Maersk Oil. By establishing a dedicated design office at Maersk Oil premises, it was possible for Ramboll to bring value to the project by acting as an integrated part of the Maersk Oil organisation. The dedicated design office was supported by Ramboll's main office in Qatar and our sourcing office in Chennai, India.
The original field development project was followed by more projects, and in total Ramboll worked on Al Shaheen for seven years making it the most extensive project in Ramboll history. By 2012, the Al Shaheen field consisted of 35 platforms, and produced around 40% of Qatar's oil and gas output.

One of the fastest growing economies in the world

Qatar has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It sits on the world’s third-largest proven gas reserves thus controlling enormous hydrocarbon reserves. In 2012 Qatar produced close to one million barrels of oil per day.

Ramboll is the largest independent consultancy within oil and gas in Qatar and a respected name in the entire region. We have been approved as consultancy supplier for all major oil companies and EPIC contractors in both Qatar and U.A.E., notably Maersk Oil Qatar.

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