Underground gas storage at Ninotsminda gas capped oil field

Georgia has experienced a pressing desire to build an Underground Gas Storage (UGS) for the sake of security of natural gas supply within the country of Georgia. An underground gas storage offers the ability to accommodate seasonal and short-term fluctuations in the demand for natural gas.

The UGS facility will be located at Ninotsminda Gas Capped Oil Field.

Ramboll carried out the pre-construction design study of the underground gas storage facility. This included a review of GOGC’s preliminary business case, which supported the selection of the Ninotsminda partially depleted gas capped oil field.

The Georgian Oil & Gas Corporation (GOGC) is the enterprise that owns the high pressure gas pipeline system of Georgia, with the total length of 1940 km. GOGC is responsible for the gas supply network of the country, security of gas supply and diversification of such supply routes.

The analysis showed that this field was the most suitable of identified alternative sites for developing into an underground gas storage facility capable of meeting Georgia’s strategic gas storage requirements The study also included:

  • Confirmation of the anticipated effective capacity which is available for an underground gas storage facility at Gas Capped Oil Field.
  • Consulting with GOGC and agreeing on appropriate maximum injection and withdrawal rates and delivery pressure.
  • Undertaking economic / financial analyses of certain operating scenarios including various levels of security of supply and cross-seasonal storage and extraction.
  • Agreement with GOGC on the design operational scenario, operating pressure, maximum injection rate and maximum time for flow reversal, all to be taken forward into the subsequent FEED.
  • Setting out options for ownership and operational project structure and agree on a preferred arrangement with GOGC.

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