FEED and detailed design for Gudrun pipeline system


Jan Bohl Andersen

Jan Bohl Andersen

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A major project on the Norwegian continental shelf

The Gudrun Field lies at water depths of up to 100 metres and is one of the major new field development projects in the North Sea. It went into production in April 2014 and Statoil expects to recover 184 million barrels of oil and gas from the field. The Gudrun project was divided into an engineering FEED phase which ran until the end of 2009 and a detailed design and follow-on engineering phase from 2010 to 2013. Ramboll carried out both design phases.

The Gudrun subsea pipeline system

The subsea pipeline system comprises 54 kilometres of export pipelines from the Gudrun platform to the existing Sleipner A platform: A 12" oil export pipeline and a 14" gas export pipeline. The design included tie-in design to the Gudrun platform and pull-in of the pipelines/risers into existing J tubes at Sleipner.

FEED - scoping the optimum solution

In the FEED phase, the main focus was on selecting the best possible technical and economical solutions. The FEED design included evaluation of:
  • Installation method – S-lay vs. reeling
  • Protection philosophy – buried vs. exposed
  • Material philosophy for corrosive multiphase well stream pipeline
  • Hydrate control/prevention
  • Cost estimation and project schedule

Detailed design

The detailed design included:
  • Line pipe design
  • Spool design
  • Seabed intervention
  • In-line components incl. hot tap tee and wye assemblies
  • Dropped objects protection using GRP covers and subsea rock installation
  • Crossings
  • Riser J-tube pull-in of 10" and 12" risers at Sleipner
  • Tee assembly to future hot tapping
  • Pull-in analyses at Sleipner A, and expansion and buckling analyses

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