Working on one of the largest oil discoveries in Norwegian history

Johan Sverdrup

Johan Sverdrup


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Dag A. Nilsen

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Statoil awarded Ramboll a feasibility study for their Johan Sverdrup field development project with the purpose of developing feasible concepts for minimum-facility platforms.
The Johan Sverdrup field is located in the Norwegian North Sea and is being developed by Statoil. Resting at water depth 110 metres (360.9 feet), Johan Sverdrup is one of the largest discoveries made on the Norwegian Continental Shelf expected to account for more than half of Norway's oil production by 2040. First production is expected in late 2017.

Unmanned satellite platforms

Statoil awarded Ramboll a feasibility study as part of their Johan Sverdrup field development project. The scope of the study was to develop feasible concepts for unmanned and normally-not-manned wellhead satellite platforms with limited processing capability.

Four alternative topsides

There were four alternative topside configurations for both unmanned platforms  and normally-not-manned wellhead satellite platforms:
  1. Multiphase well stream, free flow
  2. Multiphase well streams, local boosting
  3. 1st stage separation at the satellite platform, partial free flow
  4. 1st stage separation at the satellite platform, full local boosting
Two concepts (2 and 4) were selected for further development.

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