3D laser scanning in potentially explosive area offshore

The world's only explosion proof 3D laser scanner, which Ramboll used on one of our offshore engineering projects

The world's only explosion proof 3D laser scanner, which Ramboll used on one of our offshore engineering projects


Stefan Soost

Stefan Soost

Senior Project Manager & Team Leader, 3D Scanning & Survey, Denmark
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Using state-of-the-art equipment for laser scanning and survey in an offshore environment, Ramboll performed the first ever laser scanning in an area, which was categorised potentially explosive. 

When the scanning took place, an offshore rig was simultaneously drilling at the platform and the platform was therefore classified as potentially explosive, and the use of digital equipment (i.e. including traditional laser scanners) is therefore strictly prohibited in accordance with standard safety procedures. Ramboll therefore used the Z+F IMAGER 5006EX on the project.

Pioneers within 3D scanning and survey

"This is the first time ever this type of laser scanner has been used for this purpose offshore and we have gained invaluable knowledge", states Morten Hertz Knudsen from Ramboll.

From our client we have learnt that they are extremely satisfied with the management, coordination and results of using the Eex proofed laser scanner and will without doubt have use for this again in the future.

And from our colleagues in Qatar, who have processed the data from the laser scanning we know that they are quite happy with the results as well. Mr. Leslie Tyler, Ramboll in Qatar explains:"…We found the quality and consistency of the information/files provided by the survey team to most satisfactory and up to the same standard of all similar scanned information that has been received in the past. Furthermore, the option to be able to safely complete the scanning as required in an explosive environment has been very advantageous to the project from the perspective of maintaining project schedule and steady work flow."

Using the best within 3D laser scanning

The project combined the best within 3D laser scanning hardware with the best within 3D laser scanning software.

  • The IMAGER 5006EX scanner records 500,000 points per second and generates a point cloud
  • Point clouds are excellent for as-built documentation
  • Point clouds are also delivered as basis for project evaluation and design

In addition, point clouds are available via the Internet and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a personal login

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