Conceptual study for wellhead platform in the Snorre field

Snorre oil and gas field (Image: Statoil)

Snorre oil and gas field (Image: Statoil)


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The Snorre field in the Norwegian North Sea is to be developed further through the addition of wellhead platforms, and Ramboll was appointed to provide conceptual recommendations for the facility.

The Snorre field

Snorre is an oil and gas field within the Tampen area of the southern Norwegian Sea. The sea in this area reaches a depth of 300 to 350 metres. Snorre has been in operation since August 1992, and is operated by Statoil. Partnering on the field is Petoro, the licensee for the Norwegian State's Direct Financial Interests.

Recommendations for facility concept

The main purpose of the conceptual study was to provide Petoro with qualified recommendations for the concept of the facility, if a wellhead platform was to become the preferred solution to ensure drilling of wells under the Snorre 2040 project.

Two solutions - a jacket and a TLP substructure - were examined to obtain an optimal overall solution for the potential new wellhead platform. The study prioritised those elements that impacted the technical feasibility and economy of the project.

The best solution at a water depth of 300 metres

The main driver for the jacket solution was to realise the dry wellhead trees. The fabrication and installation of such a jacket would be a very challenging undertaking, as seabed conditions are critical for such a large and solid jacket. Alternatively, therefore, Ramboll partner Bassoe Technology also carried out a concept study on a Tension Legged Platform (TLP).

The project was headed by Ramboll's Norwegian oil and gas specialists, who brought in expert assistance on the jacket part from Denmark and the UK. The job included a complete cost and time estimate for the recommended solution. In addition, Ramboll evaluated the topside functionality in the context of the surrounding infrastructure.

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