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The highway road network around the Malmo region faces congestion and disturbance daily. GPS-data from motorized vehicles provides information over the location of the bottlenecks by the historic speed reduction on the segment. The information was used to optimize mitigation measures in a cost-effective way and to reduce accidents.

The highway road network around the Malmo region faces congestion and disturbance daily. Ramboll was commissioned by the National Transport Administration to identify potential bottlenecks on the E6/E20 transport corridor in the Skane Region. As a compliment to traditional counts, GPS-data from motorized vehicles travelling in the corridor was used for a comparative purpose. This type of data is provided by companies such as Inrix and Tomtom, where the position of the vehicle is identified and stored. The outcome of the comparison of historical speed data and measured speed showed very good correlation. For the assignment this meant that the data could be used for assessment of vehicle speed and identification of bottlenecks on a 120 km long road corridor, saving both time and cost for the client.

The bottleneck and speed reduction information were used to optimize mitigation measures on the road segment in a cost-effective way to reduce accidents and disturbance in the corridor.

After the initial project execution, Ramboll Sweden has conducted several studies where GPS-data from motorized vehicles has been used for improved insight of the road network conditions. Ramboll Sweden is now an official reseller and distributor of data from both Inrix and Tomtom. Having both data provider in the Ramboll portfolio gives us added value as we can provide our clients with the preferred data provider depending on the assignment.

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