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Ulf Hedman

Spearhead Director, Hospitals
T: +46 10 615 2507
The Örebro University Hospital will be expanded to increase its capacity and range of healthcare services provided. A brand new surgery ward and a facility for specialized care will be built. The project also includes the renovation and extension of the existing emergency room. Ramboll has received the prestigious task to be responsible for all mechanical engineering in the project.

The hospital in Örebro has for a long time been at the forefront for high quality health care and technical innovations. But as the population of Örebro increases the hospital needs to be upgraded and refurbished. The new hospital building, the so called H-House, will cover 27, 500 square meters and house among other things advanced medical equipment used in surgery.

This sensitive equipment and clinically clean areas requires top class installation systems like balanced ventilation and climate control. The systems for medical records, calls and medical equipment need to work flawlessly together. Consequently, the requirements for mechanical engineering in the project are high.

Ramboll has been involved in previous projects regarding the development of Örebro University Hospital. This is an advantage when planning for ventilation, sanitation, telecommunication and data systems in the H-House.

Project start is in December 2014 and will continue to 2016. The H-House is planned to be finalized in 2020.    

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