Managing the demolition of former bank headquarters

Brussels demolition

Brussels demolition


Michael Tans

Michael Tans

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Financial services company BNP Paribas Fortis appointed Ramboll to help manage the environmental and health impacts of a challenging demolition project on their former headquarters. The building had a fully operational metro network line running through its basement, was situated in a dense urban area and had a number of health and safety issues.

As well as having the metro line running through it, this 10,000m² site is located within close proximity to the Royal Palace and Central Station and opposite the Bozar International Centre for Fine Arts and many offices and shops. The client wanted to demolish and reconstruct the old building as it was not energy efficient, contained asbestos and was not suitable to house their large number of employees. They wished to reduce as many impacts to their neighbours as possible by mitigating the nuisances and maintaining open and proactive communication.

In order to keep the metro line operational, the tunnel was enclosed into a permanent ‘box’ that protected it from any potential damage. The box also acted as a physical barrier between the tunnel and the client’s building. Measurements were taken throughout the process to ensure that the tunnel was not moving in relation to the rest of the neighbourhood.

How we helped

We helped BNP Paribas Fortis select a contractor whose methodology would achieve a low-impact demolition by defining a nuisance reduction plan. The methodology of each potential contractor was assessed against this plan, enabling us to rank potential contractors, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Our experts then designed a protocol to assess the contractor’s performance against several nuisance criteria. During the demolition process, we assessed noise, vibration and dust emissions to ensure they were within the limits the contractor had agreed to follow, didn’t affect mobility or the general state of the site, and that soil and groundwater contamination risks were well-managed.

As the single point of contact between the demolition site and its neighbours, our team proactively informed nearby businesses of any demolition activities that could cause an impact and kept the demolition contractor up-to-date on all external activities that required extra measures. We also collected and managed complaints and inquiries related to the demolition activities.


After more than a year of demolition works, neighbouring businesses have voiced their satisfaction with our proactive communicative approach and appreciate that impacts have been kept to a minimum.

Due to the success of this project, BNP Paribas Fortis has appointed Ramboll to help with the construction works following demolition. Construction will start in August 2017 and is scheduled to last until 2021.

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Michael Tans and Quentin Maillard (Brussels, Belgium)

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