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Brunei Airport


Mark Dewson. Ramboll

Mark Dewson

Director, Aviation
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Services we provided

Recommendations for refurbishment to achieve code F compliance.

Due to aging infrastructure and projected traffic growth, Brunei International Airport requires substantial refurbishment and upgrade of airside infrastructure.

Ramboll, in cooperation with Arcadis and Jurutera Tempatan, prepared an assessment of airside geometric requirements and review of available information on pavement and AGL infrastructure. The purpose was to provide recommendations for the scope of works necessary to most efficiently meet the future operational needs of the airport.

In order to optimize the benefit to cost ratio, recommendations were made for partial upgrade of the airfield to Code F geometric standards, with dispensations recommended in areas that would not provide significant practical benefit.

PCC pavements on Taxiways were recommended to be addressed by crack-and-seat refurbishment. This will enable a more rapid refurbishment process, better integrated with airport operational requirements, and additionally provide a pavement with greater flexibility (reduced operational impact) for future refurbishment works. Flexible overlay was proposed on the existing composite construction runway.

SERVICES PROVIDED: Aircraft traffic assessment, Airside geometric planning & design, Pavement assessment, Design of pavements, Design of AGL

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